Error VScode and Anaconda while working in local

One more thing, I have been working with my personal computer to work this sessions, but with the project coming, I think I will need to use my work computer, when I need to use company data, but, VS Code and Anaconda are not working properly, they open but they not work or compile anything.

This example, my vs code, does not show the separate snippets, also it does not complete nothing.

Can you help me to make this work properly?

Apprenant : @7352 EMILIO LUCIO CHAVEZ

Just to add more information:
The version I only have access in this Windows Laptop is VS Code 1.53.2 (is not an option to upgrade due to limitations with IT department). And Anaconda Individual Edition Python 3.9.

Hello Emilio,

Have you tried running the program as an administrator ? This could be happening due to limitations with your work computer.
Make sure you’ve installed the Jupyter package before running ipynb files on VS code :slight_smile:

As I mentioned before IT places some limitations to my user, so I am not able to Run anything as administrator but thanks for your advice.

The great news is that I could make it work, it really required to update the version of the VS Code, to the latest one(1.74.3), in order to work the Python compilator and he Jupyter Notebook structure.